Hydra @ ScaleControl is a weighing system software solution used for scale monitoring.



Under the Hydra @ ScaleControl brand are several products that perform different roles in weighing systems.

All software products are designed with the latest tools using client - server technology and e-commerce concepts.

The products support:

  • truck scales
  • overhead rail scales
  • labeling systems
  • material transfer weighing terminals

Products can be connected to scales of any sort.

Connections already established:

  • Bizerba
  • Cigiemme
  • Bubble level
  • Mettler Toledo


The system features:

  • A complete diary of all daily tasks
  • connectivity to systems ensuring HACCAP
  • connectivity to systems ensuring traceability
  • compatibility with ERP and WMS
  • scalability and flexibility
  • ergonomics - touch screen and PDA support,
  • the label printing system is based on NiceLabel
  • simple label design with NiceLabel

The system is flexible: from simple truck scales to complex weigh-labeling systems, which print labels on cartons and pallets at the end of production lines.