The product is designed for businesses whose operations include services rendered via vehicles and:

  •  need to be up to date with vehicle location as well as the services provided by their vehicles,
  •  require up to date information flow between vehicles and the company's internal information system.


  • Rationalized and sped up operations
  • Improved efficiency
  • Secure data transfer via VPN connections
  • On-line data transfer via GPRS
  • On-line vehicle control


  • A sales specialist releases an order to a vehicle via ERP system
  • The driver receives the order on the way to the client
  • The driver completes the services and enters the registers this in the PDA while still on-site
  • The driver prints the client a receipt for the rendered services using the printer in the vehicle
  • The completed order immediately appears on-line in the company's ERP system and is ready for further processing