3R.TIM is a high-tech company offering solutions to business challenges in e-commerce and logistics.

Our mission is to enable companies to use all advantages offered by e-commerce that are now indispensable for long-term survival of the enterprise, regardless of its size. This means to offer good and specialized solutions in the field of e-commerce and information support business operations:

  •  IT support, consultancy and implementation of projects when modernizing processes in the supply chain by product integration,
  •  IT support for workers in the warehouse and in the field via MobiHydra
  •  electronic catalogs and exchange of information on products
  •  Web support for internal logistics
  •  consultations when selecting IT solutions to support processes in the logistics chain

Our key competence is our flexibility on demands, needs and specifics of our clients, based on our standard solutions. We are a team of efficient solutions, which is proven by realized ideas. Our focus is on quality products that are suitable for use in medium and small businesses.